Gail de Vos,  International Standard Yoga Instructor. Mastered on:

Anatomy & Physiology. Benefits & cautions of yoga postures.

Breathing exercise and Benefits. Sequencing Yoga movement classes, styles, adjustments, props & variations, guidelines. Adapting for special needs,

Pregnancy. Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced – Yoga postures. History of yoga. Philosophy. Pranayama. Kundalini. Theology vs. Eastern Philosophy. Meditation. Relaxation

Yoga class will be a combination of Iyengar, Vinyasa & Hatha yoga with emphasis on breathing techniques.

The class of a sixty minute workout consist – Open-flow, Salute to sun (Surya Namsakara), Balances – standing, kneeling, prone, seated and reclined postures.

A fifteen minute meditation & relaxation will follow after your workout where it my specialty to take you one a journey of peace, calm your busy mind and have the emphasis on the present and not on the past or future.

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