Yoga changed my life, my way of thinking & concentrating, to the extent where it became a desire to change the lives of others. The benefits of yoga are endless. My yoga class will be a sixty minute workout with intense intercostal and ujjayi breathing. It will have the discipline of Iyengar and yet a bit informal yoga of Hatha. It is my policy to never have the strictness and harsh discipline of Iyengar yoga.  A fifteen minute meditation and relaxation will follow after the workout. Although religion will not be discussed or debatable at all during my teaching a yoga class, I feel it necessary to mention on my website.

My yoga teachers training course involved compulsory in-depth theology that made my training longer and different form other instructors. This did not strengthen or weaken my relationship with God at all but because I was forced to evaluate and compare different religions during my training, I did become aware and focused on different ways of thinking. One thing I do know and no one South from the North-Pole will convince me otherwise that a Christian is not meant to sit in the corner and watch everyone benefit from a posture just because a different religion discovered, named it and used it first. I respect people, their choices and hope they will respect mine.

I believe that you have one body, one mind and one life and I would love to see each one of my students mentally and physically healthy and live many days in their given one life.

I dedicate this achievement to my mom, whom I lost last year, 18 August 2013. Thank you mom, for being my best friend, for always trying to make my life easier and for teaching me to be trustworthy to trust people but always be wide awake, be humble, be kind, be respectful, have balance, and mainly to believe in myself …  I love you …